Winter Activities for Littles (when it's too cold to be outside)

Winter Activities for Littles (when it's too cold to be outside)

It’s winter. Unfortunately, there isn’t the safety net of letting everyone go outside and run around to burn off some energy before naptime (at least not easily).

You and your kids are probably getting a little cabin fever and are desperate for some ways to get the kids moving and playing without making you pull your hair out.

Here are 3 ideas you can do with kids of any age while inside:


1. Build forts

Everything is magical under a fort. Have kids use chairs and sheets or blankets to make individual forts or join forces and make one big mega fort.

2. Cook together

Rally everyone together at the table and give each kid a piece of dough (any kind – store-bought or homemade) to shape and play with. Supply nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, etc. for them to decorate with, then place on a lined cookie sheet and bake. Be sure to write each child’s name on the parchment under their creation. Remember, using all the senses helps kids accept foods!

3. Picnics

There is something special about getting to eat in a place that isn’t the table. Spread a tablecloth on a clear spot on the floor (of any room) then use picnic equipment like disposable plates. You can either have the kids help pack your picnic basket or have them make their own sack lunch. This gives them an opportunity to help and gives you a reason to serve an easy meal! Remember to set out pillows to sit on if you’re not sitting on the carpet.

    Springtime will be here before you know it! Hang in there during these tough winter days.

    And remember, if you’re worn down and looking to take something off your plate, we can create perfect home daycare meal plans FOR you so you can quit stressing and just get back to the kids.


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