CACFP Approved Pancake Batter (+ our favorite homemade recipe)

CACFP Approved Pancake Batter (+ our favorite homemade recipe)

Check out Team TKM's favorite store-bought and homemade pancake batter that's approved for the CACFP (with whole-grain options).


Store-bought Pancake Mix

Whole grain pancake mix can be a great option for those mornings where whipping something up from scratch is just not in the cards. You can rest assured we've got a recommendation that checks all the boxes. Quick. Protein-packed. Approved for the CACFP.

Kodiak Cakes have a "power" flapjack mix that is whole grain and full of protein. Providers love these for their kids! You can find it at Walmart by clicking this link.

Homemade Pancake Recipe

If you'd rather make the pancakes yourself (or with your kiddos), our favorite recipe is simple, wholesome and approved for the food program.


WG Pancakes & Waffles Recipe

Quick, simple, kid-approved

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    Tip: How to cook pancakes quickly

    If you've got a lot of kids or don't want to stand over the stove flipping pancakes all morning, we have seen several providers making “sheet pan pancakes”. Just spray a baking sheet and pour batter into a baking sheet. Cut into squares after baking, instead of cooking on a griddle. Such a timesaver!

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