Home Daycare Tax Deduction Tracker & Calculator

Home Daycare Tax Deduction Tracker & Calculator

Tis the season, ladies, and I don’t mean Christmas! It is TAX TIME. If the very thought fills you with dread, keep reading!

Londa here at The Kid Menus, LLC…Way back before I spent over 2 decades as a food program sponsor, I worked as an accountant and tax preparer. I decided to dust off my skills and create a simple and easy spreadsheet to help home providers track their income and expenses and have their whole year neat and tidy and ready to take to the accountant as soon as January 1st rolls around. No fancy software, you can access this spreadsheet in Google Sheets. No fancy price, we are offering this helpful tool as a free download below! 

This tool will assist you in tracking your weekly and monthly income, projecting future income, track family totals for year end tax statements and keep track of your hours worked. There are monthly sheets to record your income and expenses and compute your net income. There is even an automatic tax summary page to compile your monthly totals and calculate the Time/Space percentage.

All you need to do is fill out the spreadsheet throughout the year, let it do the totaling for you, save a copy and deliver it to your tax preparer. Interested? Click below for the FREE download.

Home Daycare Tax Deduction Tracker & Calculator

Download the spreadsheet

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    If you need some tips to help you round up deductible expenses, we had a great blog last year that covered just about every tax deduction you could think of and explained the Space/Time Percentage calculation for expenses related to business use of your home. Just click on this link to review that very pertinent information.


    Wishing you a wonderful (TAX) season!

    Londa Tindle

    CCNP: Child Care Nutrition Professional
    CMP: CACFP Management Professional

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